A Recovery Coach

also known as a:

Sober Coach
Sober Companion
Sober Escort
Recovery Support Specialist
Family Recovery Coach
Telephone/Virtual Recovery Coach

is a non-clinical person who helps remove personal and environmental obstacles from the recovery community, and serves as a personal guide and mentor in the management of personal and family recovery. Recovery Coaches provide strength based support with substance dependent clients or clients who are in recovery from substances, codependency or other addictive behaviors.

They also work really well with clients who are actively struggling with addiction as well as clients who are currently in a recovery program or out of a Recovery Program and want to simply discover who they are and who want to move from “Recovery to Discovery”.

Recovery coaches take a “hands on” approach and get involved with the client to help find ways to stop addiction (abstinence) or reduce harm (Harm Reduction) associated with addictive behaviors. Recovery coaches help find resources for Harm Reduction, detox, treatment, family support, education, local or online support groups, help a client create a change as well as assist the client in coming up with a “Life Plan” to recover on their own through Life Coaching.

A Recovery coach can work with a client in a traditional 12 step program like AA or in a non 12 step mutual aid program like SMART Recovery. It is important for the Recovery Coach to be prepared to use whatever method of recovery the client sees useful. Many clients who are going through recovery, or have gone through recovery, reported that Recovery Coaches have been extremely useful to move them Beyond Recovery so that they can move forward and have useful, productive and purposeful lives, which is something that they do not seem to get from a therapist, counselor, sponsor or health care provider. Recovery Coaches go above and beyond every step of the way through the recovery process with their clients.

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