What is a Recovery Coach?


A Recovery Coach, also known as a Sober Coach, Sober Buddy, Recovery Manager, Sober Companion, Recovery Support Specialist, Family Recovery Coach, or a Virtual Recovery Coach, is a non-clinical professional who helps remove personal and environmental obstacles from the recovering client, and serves as a personal guide and mentor in the management of personal and family recovery.

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What Does a Recovery Coach Do?


Recovery Coach takes on a non-biased “Hands-On” approach by getting involved with the client to help find ways to stop addiction (abstinence) or reduce harm (harm reduction) associated with addictive behaviors. Recovery Coaches not only help find resources for detox, treatment, family support, education, local or online support groups, but also helps a client create change with a “life plan” to recovery through life coaching.

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Who Needs Recovery Coaching?


Anyone and everyone who is recovering from hurts, habits and hang ups! Most people mistake recovery coaching only with substance abuse but all of us have had to recover from something at one time or another in our life (i.e. Loss of a loved one, relationship break ups, divorce, substance abuse, sex addiction, compulsive eating, gambling, compulsive spending, compulsive shopping, and even the anxieties of life and the uncertainty of our future.

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