Clients that I have coached through recovery have reported and experienced the following benefits:

  1. Have helped reduce or eliminate relapse.
  2. Helped “bridge” the gap between the client and family for recovery resources.
  3. Help Empower clients in order to move them beyond recovery, from “Recovery to Discovery”.
  4. Recovery Coaches make themselves accessible via text, phone and email throughout recovery, even during critical times (“triggers”, holidays, special occasions.)
  5. Recovery Coaches take a non-biased approach to recovery and Substance Use Disorder; in fact, most recovery coaches have been personally challenged with substance use and have many years of sobriety behind them.
  6. Discovery of Life purpose Beyond Recovery.
  7. More “Life” confidence with career, family, health and relationships.
  8. More awareness of their recovery!

Click here to see the infographic in the Benefits of Recovery Coaching