COVID-19 has taken over the world. It’s robbed freedom from people, made people sick, and even killed many people. Another consequence of the disease is hurting the recovery of people who suffer from drug addiction. These people struggle day in and day out with their addiction, and the support they receive in the community is what keeps them on the path of recovery.

Since social distancing has been recommended and required, many people have been able to seek the support they have been, and that has led to an increase in relapses. A solution to this situation is seeking addiction help online. Online addiction counseling offers the support and encouragement many people with substance need to remain in recovery.

If you’re struggling right now, consider this form of addiction help. It can be the light you need in your life right now, so you can get through this challenging time safe and healthy.

Coming to Terms with the Risk of Relapse

It’s no secret that social distancing is an effective means of stopping the spread of the Coronavirus. Keep six feet away from others and only traveling for essential reasons is a focus of the federal and local governments.

Coupled with stress and anxiety, feelings of isolation or confinement can push a drug addict to relapse. Many people in recovery have found coping mechanisms that are no longer available. 

Those who regularly attend sobriety meetings may find the doors closed. Those who go to the gym to workout will also be left without their healthy coping options. Even meeting with friends and family in social settings isn’t an option for those in recovery due to strict distancing rules.

Health Risks

Health risks accompany drug addiction. Whether it’s Hepatitis from needle use or diminished lung capacities from smoking unhealthy substances, drug addicts are more at risk for fatal side effects of the Coronavirus.

As stated previously, those who are suffering from drug addiction may find it difficult to receive adequate healthcare. In the time of a global pandemic, untreated underlying health problems can be catastrophic for the individual. Not to mention, many addicts may not feel welcome in hospitals exacerbating the risks and complications of the virus.

Coping with the Pandemic

Yes, changes to society and daily routines have changed drastically over the past few weeks. As of now, there aren’t any signs that things will go back to normal anytime soon. Each person, whether suffering from a substance use disorder or not, is finding new and productive ways to cope.

Being prepared to cope with changes and hardships that are yet to come is going to be one line of defense every addict has to overcome issues during the nation’s shutdown.

The Medical Crisis

Currently, the United States is undergoing unprecedented medical strains. From hospitals to supplies, medical resources are limited. Those who suffer from drug addictions and substance abuse may find it comforting to know that doctors can now offer prescriptions remotely.

As hospitals fill up with patients suffering from COVID-19, there is less room for non-life-threatening ailments such as addiction. Although many treatment facilities are still open, they are not accepting patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

Users who are trying to overcome opioid addictions or who use medication to cope with their addictions will still have access to the prescriptions they need.

Economic Impacts

With so many non-profit organizations that help addicts to seek treatment, this may become more difficult as the economy struggles. Non-profit organizations such as Recovery Coaching Alliance, dedicated staff, and team members will continue to provide support to drug addicts but will need donations to operate at full capacity.

Many people suffering from substance abuse disorders are at an increased risk of depression and suicide. This is more prevalent in areas that are impacted by poverty. With certain economic factors still unknown, the economic impacts of this crisis on drug addiction may continue to worsen.

The individual’s economic situation may also affect relapse and complications involving drug use. For families and individuals, having financial security is an essential factor in reducing stress and maintaining sobriety.

Individual economic issues can also lead to homelessness, further impacting those with drug addictions. Having access to proper hygiene and obeying Stay-At-Home orders may be affected by certain economic factors.

Getting Through the Pandemic

Drug addiction is still one of the major epidemics of the United States. Seeking out free online counseling or online counseling, and proper medical care are vital to those suffering from substance abuse disorders.

Help is still available in the form of online meetings and conferences. Inpatient treatment facilities continue to take people with drug addictions as long as they aren’t showing any symptoms of the virus.