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Recovery Coaching Alliance Explainer


in this 2 minute video you will learn the role of a Recovery Coach and how can help you or someone you know suffering with an addiction can get through recovery and addiction by moving from recovery to discovery. This video will give you insight into the role of a Recovery Coach for the addicted individual and their family as to what they can do and not do as well as insight as to how Recovery Coaching Alliance, LLC operates as an online counseling and online recovery coaching website.

Recovery Coaching Alliance Explainer2019-07-04T17:12:15-07:00

James Egidio – My Story Video


Certified Recovery Coach and Online Counselor James Egidio bares his personal testimony about his struggles with addiction and how he overcame it through his Christian Faith and how he learned the value of forgiveness and humility. James talks about his "rocky" relationship with his father and how it led to his drug use during his early childhood and then eventually to a cocaine overdose and finally to a drug related arrest. James talks about how his faith has inspired him to help other people who are struggling with addiction and how he moves clients from Recovery to Discovery through Recovery Coaching.

James Egidio – My Story Video2019-05-28T20:28:33-07:00