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Social Distancing and Inpatient Rehab


Inpatient rehab is one of the most effective ways to stop an addiction. The problem during this time is that many people will avoid rehab because of the recommendation from the CDC to social distance. Since rehabs usually house many people who are treated for addiction in one location, many people assume they are not able to go to rehab and remain safe from COVID-19. While there have been protocols set in place at these rehab centers, there is an option when it comes to seeking support until the pandemic is over - online substance abuse counseling. With online substance abuse [...]

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COVID-19 and Drug Addiction


COVID-19 has taken over the world. It’s robbed freedom from people, made people sick, and even killed many people. Another consequence of the disease is hurting the recovery of people who suffer from drug addiction. These people struggle day in and day out with their addiction, and the support they receive in the community is what keeps them on the path of recovery. Since social distancing has been recommended and required, many people have been able to seek the support they have been, and that has led to an increase in relapses. A solution to this situation is seeking addiction help [...]

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How Social Distancing is Impacting Recovery Meetings


Social distancing has dramatically affected the care and support many people have been receiving from recovery meetings. With these meetings being across the United States, many people are feeling lost. Online counseling is an option because it gives people in recovery the chance to connect with specialists who understand what their feeling and give them the mental and emotional support they need. Online addiction counseling is only via video conferencing, which is why it’s become highly successful during COVID-19. Understanding the Effects of Social Distancing on Treatment The population of people who are seeking treatment for addictions of drugs and alcohol [...]

How Social Distancing is Impacting Recovery Meetings2020-04-11T12:31:47-07:00

The Impact of COVID-19 On Addiction and Recovery


The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for many people, and that includes people who are suffering from addiction and in recovery. These people are unable to continue the treatment that has helped them stay clean and sober. Fortunately, there are ways to help these people that do not overstep the guidelines set forth by the CDC - online substance abuse counseling. A recovery coach is available online to help people who are struggling during their recovery because of COVID-19. For more information on this option and why it’s so important during this time in our life, keep reading. COVID-19 and Addiction [...]

The Impact of COVID-19 On Addiction and Recovery2020-04-11T12:23:25-07:00

10 Things to Look for in a Good Recovery Coach


Addiction is an ongoing battle with no cure. However, with treatment, therapy, and a good support system, you can regain control of your life and find yourself on the path to recovery. One of these support systems can be found in a recovery coach. Recovery coaches are here to remove the barriers between you and recovery and provide the motivation and ongoing support needed to reach a place where you feel normalcy and comfort in your progress. Real Life Experience While there’s plenty to be gained from professional counseling and therapy over addiction, the most meaningful help you can get as [...]

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10 Best Natural Supplements for Addiction and Recovery


If you or somebody you know is undergoing the path to addiction recovery, you understand how much support is needed for a successful experience. At Recovery Coaching Alliance, we specialize in online drug and alcohol counseling. Our professional recovery coaches are trained to provide the support needed to remain on the road to success.   One of the ways we help our clients meet their short-term goals and avoid triggers toward potential relapse are through information. Remaining informed about what’s helpful and hindering throughout recovery is crucial.    Here, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 top natural supplements many addicts [...]

10 Best Natural Supplements for Addiction and Recovery2020-04-20T18:26:58-07:00

10 Awesome Super Foods that Help with Addiction and Recovery


As you undergo the journey to recovery, you’ll find that the choices you make in your eating habits play a strong role in the way you feel about yourself day to day. The foods you put into your body can improve mood, change fat to muscle ratio, and provide you with extra energy. All these things are crucial to succeeding in your daily effort to remain clean.   At Recovery Coaching Alliance, we work closely with those in recovery from beginning to end, offering addiction help online. It’s important to us that you feel supported throughout each step of the recovery [...]

10 Awesome Super Foods that Help with Addiction and Recovery2020-03-23T12:18:29-07:00

12-Benefits of a Service Pet for Addiction


The furry companions we call family do more than just purr and bark. Pets make a huge impact on the lives of those who live with them. From companionship to life saving abilities, animals are amazing creatures. Throughout the years, service animals have proven themselves to be loyal, useful, and necessary. The benefits of  a service pet for addiction could not be more emphasized enough The first use of service pets was documented in the 1800’s by Florence Nightingale, who found that animals reduced fear and anxiety in children. Sigmund Freud also believed pets served a higher purpose than companionship, and [...]

12-Benefits of a Service Pet for Addiction2020-02-16T15:17:55-08:00

24 Ways To Avoid a Relapse


For anyone who is struggling with addiction knows how difficult it is to quit using. Most people who struggle with a substance use disorder most often seek help with a recovery coach, psychologist, psychiatrist, or with online counseling. When the addicted individual has the substance use disorder under control, the relapse rate for most substance use disorders is estimated at between 50-80% within the first six months of abstinence from the substance and 60% within the first year. Relapse Defined The term relapse when it comes to a substance use disorder is a generalized term. Relapse in recovery from substance use [...]

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11 Awesome Benefits of an Online Recovery Coach


When you are dealing with substance abuse, it is hard enough to break the habit without the needed support. Nearly anyone who has gone through the treatment process for recovery will tell you that it can be very taxing even under the best of conditions. For that reason, more people find success in incorporating a Recovery Coach in the healing process to motivate, support, and give them a push when it becomes necessary. As they explain at, Client With a Recovery Coach “Similar to life and business coaching, Recovery Coaching (also known as peer mentoring) is a type [...]

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