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James Egidio is an accomplished and experienced Recovery Life Coach for the past 10 years. James has operated and managed a medical practice for the past 21 years and has led patient’s through their recovery from opiate, alcohol and other illicit drug dependence, addiction and recovery since 2009. James studied biology and chemistry at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and received his certification from the Institute of Life Coach Training (ILCT) as a Life Coach as well as dual certifications as a Progressive Recovery Coach and Faith Based (Christian) Genesis Recovery Counselor. James is an active member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is an accomplished writer and publisher on topics related to addiction and recovery. James enjoys spending his free time with family and friend's as well as staying healthy with diet and exercise. James has a passion for working with clients who are struggling with their addiction and recovery since being clean and sober himself for the past 30 years and likes to see his clients move from Recovery to Discovery via online recovery coaching and counseling. He can be reached at www.RecoveryCoachingAlliance.org or via email or phone a James@RecoveryCoachingAlliance.org or 800-385-3299.

24 Ways To Avoid a Relapse


For anyone who is struggling with addiction knows how difficult it is to quit using. Most people who struggle with a substance use disorder most often seek help with a recovery coach, psychologist, psychiatrist, or with online counseling. When the addicted individual has the substance use disorder under control, the relapse rate for most substance use disorders is estimated at between 50-80% within the first six months of abstinence from the substance and 60% within the first year. Relapse Defined The term relapse when it comes to a substance use disorder is a generalized term. Relapse in recovery from substance use [...]

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10 Signs That Your Loved One May Be Using Methamphetamine


Introduction The drug, methamphetamine, or crystal meth, is a human-made psycho-stimulant known to affect the brain’s neurotransmitters (dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin). The drug is ingested into the body either by smoking, snorting, injection, or even oral ingestion. The drug is pharmaceutically manufactured and prescribed by medical doctor’s to treat patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), weight loss (for Obesity), and other similar conditions. However, when used recreationally without the guidance of a medical physician, the user has a very high risk of developing an addiction or disorder that can lead to permanent damage physically to the central nervous system and [...]

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12 Signs That Your Loved One May Be Using Cocaine


What is Cocaine? Coca Farmers Harvesting Coca Leaves in South America Cocaine is a  powerful, addictive, harmful, and dangerous stimulant drug (upper). For hundreds of years, indigenous people (mostly farmer's and laborer's) of South America chewed the coca leaf for energy and stamina. Cocaine is derived from the coca plant Erythroxylan Coca and primarily grows in the highland mountainous region in the countries of Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador in South America. These mountainous highland regions provide the ideal seasonal climate to grow the coca plant. So much so, that there are no other geographic locations in the world [...]

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11 Awesome Benefits of an Online Recovery Coach


When you are dealing with substance abuse, it is hard enough to break the habit without the needed support. Nearly anyone who has gone through the treatment process for recovery will tell you that it can be very taxing even under the best of conditions. For that reason, more people find success in incorporating a Recovery Coach in the healing process to motivate, support, and give them a push when it becomes necessary. As they explain at Oasas.ny.gov, Client With a Recovery Coach “Similar to life and business coaching, Recovery Coaching (also known as peer mentoring) is a type [...]

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What Is a Recovery Coach?


What is a Recovery Coach Coming back from an addiction is one of the most challenging things you can do. It is difficult to break free from a dependence on a substance and to re-immerse oneself back into society. One quickly learns that breaking the chains of addiction is more than just breaking the physical dependence on the drug but also involves a psychological, emotional, and even a spiritual component as well. This is why so many people leave their treatment centers with a Recovery Coach by their side. As they point out in the Addiction Recovery Guide, “Part [...]

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Recovery Coaching Alliance Explainer


in this 2 minute video you will learn the role of a Recovery Coach and how RecoveryCoachingAlliance.org can help you or someone you know suffering with an addiction can get through recovery and addiction by moving from recovery to discovery. This video will give you insight into the role of a Recovery Coach for the addicted individual and their family as to what they can do and not do as well as insight as to how Recovery Coaching Alliance, LLC operates as an online counseling and online recovery coaching website.

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